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Box Elder County Jail

Mail Guidelines:

Effective May 10th, 2011
Box Elder County Correctional Facility will accept 8 ½ X 11 cardstock folded and taped. The front side of the letter may only contain senders address and inmates address. Not other writing on front of card.  Also post cards through the post office will be accepted. These may be purchased at the post office or at their website. Photos, money and legal mail will continue as they have in the past following the guideline listed below.
Incoming Inmate Mail:
*  Must have sender’s full name
*  Must have a return address
*  Needs inmate’s full name written on the card
Inmate Full Name
PO Box 888
Brigham City, UT 84302-0888
*  Nothing else may be written/drawn on the envelope that have money or photos enclosed.
*  No unauthorized inmate-to-inmate correspondence
*  No unauthorized writing/drawing/photos (racial, pornographic, gang related, or anything that threatens the safety and security of the facility)
*Photos may be sent enclosed in an envelope with PHOTOS clearly written on envelope. There is to be no writing on the photos other than a name , place picture was taken and date.
No other correspondence may be included except money orders for commissary accounts. Photos must not be bigger than 4×6, no Polaroid’s, no more than 10 photos
*  Books and magazines must come directly from the publisher and may not be hard-bound
*  Only money orders may be mailed in (No cash or personal checks)
*  No Media Cut-outs.  (newspaper, magazines, books, etc)
*  No 3rd party letters
* Any prisoner wishing for an exception to the postcard rule must provide the request in writing to the Jail Commander with the claimed justification for the exception. If the Jail Commander find the justification for the exception to be compelling, the Jail Commander shall provide the mail room with written authorization for the exception, including any special restrictions and /or instructions, shall provide the mail room with written authorization
Legal mail will still be allowed to be sent in and out following the guidelines listed below.
You may appeal any returned mail, publication, ect. by contacting  the Jail Commander, Ralph Bennett (435) 734-3827.

Outgoing Mail:
*Needs inmate’s first and last name
*County inmate # must be written
*Must have addressee’s full true name
*Needs full address including zip code
*Nothing else may be written/drawn on the envelope
*Do not seal envelopes (legal mail must be sealed in the presence of an officer)
*No unauthorized inmate to inmate correspondence
*No unauthorized writing/drawing (racial, pornographic, gang or drug related or anything that threatens the safety and security of the facility)
*No unknown substance
*No 3rd party letters
Inmate Services will tape and stamp card. The postage is included in the price of the card.
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